RV Dealership Ottawa

Follow driving directions from Ottawa to The Hitch House

If you live in the Ottawa area and are in the market for a Motorhome or RV, we suggest that you visit The Hitch House. Our Motorhomes dealership has been serving Ontario customers for more than 40 years with new and used Motorhomes and RV, as well as RV service, body repairs, parts and accessories. Visit us today and find out why we are the place to go for a Motorhome for sale in Ontario.

1. From Ottawa head to  ON-417 W/Trans-Canada Hwy. Continue to follow Trans-Canada Hwy
2. Turn left onto Gillan Rd/County Rd 6 (signs for County Road 6/Gillan Road/Renfrew)
3. Turn left onto O'Brien Rd/ON-60 W
Continue to follow ON-60 W
4. Turn left onto Munroe Ave W/ON-132 W (signs for ON-41)
5. Turn right onto Lochiel St N/ON-132 W
6. Take the 1st left onto Lisgar Ave/ON-132 W. Continue to follow ON-132 W
7. Continue straight onto ON-41 S (signs for Napanee)
8. Turn right onto ON-28 W (signs for Denbigh/Bancroft)
9. Turn left to stay on ON-28 W
10. Turn right onto ON-118 W (signs for Cardiff/Haliburton)
11. Turn left to stay on ON-118 W
12. Continue onto County Rd 503
13. Turn right onto County Rd 121 N (signs for County Road 121 N/County Road 45 W)
14. Turn left onto Monck Rd/County Rd 45 (signs for County Road 45 W)
15. Turn left onto Rama Rd/County Rd 44 (signs for County Road 44/Rama Road/Drillia)
17. Turn right onto Atherley Rd/ON-12 N (signs for Orillia)
18. Turn left onto ON-12 N (signs for ON-11)
19. Take the ramp onto ON-11 SDestination will be on the right    

The Hitch House will be on the left at 1490 Ontario 11, Shanty Bay.