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50%+ Complete

Sunday August 18th, 2013

At this point we are just over 50% finished. Hopefully the hardest parts are behind us. Right now, the structural steel framework is complete. The steel studs for the framing of the outside walls are also nearing completion. Barrie Glass & Mirror have installed the window frames to support the glass curtain walls for the motorhome showroom. A new 42' concrete service pit has been prepared in the service bays. The concrete for the service pit has been poured and cured, the forms have been removed and the area has been backfilled around it.

Additional excavation has been done at the rear of our new facility. Our property slopes from the back to the front towards Highway 11. The new building is almost 60 feet longer than the previous building so the ground level is too high at the rear of our new facility. KJ Beamish removed nearly 100 tandem truck loads from the area that surrounded the back of the new service bays. A retaining wall will be installed and we will have the grading adjusted accordingly. KJ Beamish Construction has been awarded the contract to build the retaining wall, improve the grading and lay new pavement.

Midhurst Roofing installed the original roof on our previous building in 1973. They are currently installing our new roof and have always done excellent work. Dave McKee and Paul Forbes (founder of Midhurst Roofing) have been friends for many years. Midhurst Roofing has started with the showroom section which is at the front of the building and is advancing to the rear of the facility. It is a flat roof system that will provide dramatically higher R-value than we were used to in the previous building. It goes without saying that the new facility will certainly be more energy efficient than the old one.

Dave McKee (founder of The Hitch House), Hiedi Stoate (partner in The Hitch House) and our designer Debra Blagden have been meeting to pick the appropriate colours for the building - inside and out. Stucco colours, architectural stone, awning fabrics, tile, and paint colours have all been selected.

Lexi Dearborn, of Dearborn Designs in Barrie, has prepared a landscape design that has been accepted by Dave McKee. Lexi's creative design will highlight our customer entrance (east side of the building) while blending the ramps and railings for easy accessibility to our facilities. Lexi's landscape design incorporates elements of the existing landscape features while enhancing the building as it surrounds the motorhome showroom. Our new showroom is approximately 75% larger than the previous showroom plus it is 6 feet higher inside.

On Thursday, August 15th Reverend Elizabeth Green of St. Giles Anglican Church of Barrie blessed our building site, facility and staff. We have been fortunate and have a lot to be thankful for. We owe a special thanks to Aviva Insurance who has worked as closely as possible with us - both for their benefit and for ours.