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Motorhomes can now be registered by the second stage or
completed body portion VIN #

1. How do I register my Motorhome?
Motorhome registration follows the same process as a standard vehicle, described below:
Present the following documents at a Service Ontario location:

  1. New vehicle: New Vehicle Information Sheet (NVIS);
  2. Vehicle previously registered in another jurisdiction (including United States): other jurisdiction's proof of registration, Ontario Safety Standards Certificate and, if applicable, Vehicle Import Formand Registrar of Imported Vehicles Form 1
  3. Used vehicles purchased in Ontario: vehicle portion of permit, Ontario Safety Standards Certificate, Bill of Sale and a Used Vehicle Information Package.

Note: If you purchase a Motorhome from The Hitch House, we register the Motorhome on your behalf, and we will update the Motorhome information to include the year, make and model assigned by the Motorhome's manufacturer.

2. This applies to the different classes of Motorhomes, including A, B, B+ and C.

3. What is a Vehicle Identification Number and what is its purpose?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is an internationally accepted code that provides a distinct identifier for all vehicles. It contains information about the vehicle manufacturer, model, year, make, number of axles, etc.

4. Why do Motorhomes usually have two Vehicle Identification Numbers?

Motorhomes are typically constructed in multiple stages. The frame is constructed by an auto or truck manufacturer, while the body and living area are constructed by a Motorhome manufacturer. The frame manufacturer will assign a VIN to the frame before delivering it to a Motorhome manufacturer. After the vehicle is completely built, a second VIN will be attached to the vehicle's body by the Motorhome manufacturer.

5. My Motorhome was registered with the VIN assigned by the frame manufacturer and does not reflect the motor home manufacturer's information (year, make and model). What do I need to do in order to update it?

Please visit a Service Ontario location and present the following documents:
The original permit for the motor home and,
One of the following documents containing the correct year, make and model of the vehicle
* original vehicle manufacturers warranty
* copy of manufacturers invoice
* copy of Bill of Sale/Certificate of Sale from original selling dealer
* copy of certificate of title/certificate of origin
* copy of NVIS, if applicable
* letter from new vehicle dealer who sells same make of vehicle or,
* a sworn affidavit from vehicle owner explaining the discrepancy

After the two documents are provided, the Motorhome information will be changed. This change will update the vehicle information to include the year, make and model assigned by the Motorhome's manufacturer.