A few words from our Chairman...


A few words from our Chairman...

After 45 years in the motorhome business it continually amazes me that while many things have changed, some things remain the same as they were back in the 60's. The technology in the product we sell is improving dramatically and changing all the time. Motorhomes are getting much better and easier to use. At the same time just like in the 60's there are still many dealers who are not even partially equipped to repair even the simplest of problems. At our dealership about two thirds of our service business comes from people who have bought something from a poorly equipped dealer and can't use their rig properly because of poor initial servicing and probably a really simple problem. Motorhomes are fantastic pieces of equipment which when working properly are one of the most enjoyable ways ever devised to see this great continent we live on. Do yourself a favor and buy from a company who can fix a problem if you have one. There are a number of good companies out there. Before you sign on the dotted line check out your dealer's service facilities and reputation carefully.

Here's another little piece of advice I can pass on. Some people think that large well-equipped dealers have big overheads and their prices are higher as a result. Is this not what the poorly equipped curbside dealer tells you? This is simply not the case. First of all, in most cases, the other departments such as service, parts and rentals look after the largest portion of a well-equipped dealer's overhead. This means that they don't have to rely solely on sales for their profit and can most likely carve you a better deal as a result. Secondly most large well-equipped dealers usually buy much better than small poorly equipped dealers do, so they can work this into their pricing as well. All that being said, there are still a few excellent small dealers who can do the job just fine. Just don't swallow the line that big dealers mean big prices because usually the opposite is the case.

I also would like to say thanks to the many thousands of customers who have dealt with us over the past 45 years. It has been a real pleasure serving you. Our goal is to keep improving in this business and our service for the next 45 years. I ought to look just a tad worn out by then -- but fear not. We have some very dedicated and talented young blood in this company who will be able to run this business far better than I --- but not quite yet. However in the not too distant future I'm going to pack my wife and I into our own rig and hit the road for about six months each year. I can't wait. Think I'll get a good deal on a new Motorhome?


David H McKee