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15 Tips For Full Time RV Living On A Budget

15 Tips For Full Time RV Living On A Budget

Moving to the full-time RV life is a major step, but it doesn't need to cost a fortune. Follow these 15 simple tips to keep the expenses down and enjoy full-time RV living on a budget.


Camping Savings:



1) Consider using free campsites as often as possible, or investing in the off-grid equipment you'll need to go boondocking on government land for free. When you're living in your RV full time, it pays to make it as flexible as possible so you can camp anywhere.


2) Join a camping ground membership scheme that gives discounts on sites around the country, and use these as much as you can if free sites aren't available.


3) Extend your stay at a paid campsite to weeks or even months, and you'll get huge discounts compared to paying nightly fees.


Fuel Savings:


4) Use a gas savings app like GasBuddy to find the cheapest fuel supplier in your immediate area, and fill up when you find a bargain.


5) Join up to a filling station group's membership scheme to get discounts and rewards.


6) Save on diesel costs by joining the TSD Logistics fuel card program, and access commercial fuel for lower costs.


7) Find a Costco with a filling station, as these stores usually offer fuel at a hefty discount compared to regular suppliers.


8) Travel lightly, removing all unnecessary possessions from your RV to reduce the weight. Every kilogram you remove will add to your annual fuel savings.


9) Ensure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure and check them before every trip. Low tire pressure equals worse RV performance and higher fuel consumption.


10) Fit solar panels to reduce your propane use for cooking and heating. This will take an initial investment, but the long-term savings can be huge.


Sightseeing Savings:


11) Take out memberships to nationwide programs giving free entry to venues across the country. Whatever your favourite pastimes, there's sure to be a program to help keep you entertained for less over the year.


12) Research your destinations for free activities, such as hiking trails, city parks, outdoor festivals, and so on.


13) Look for events featuring discounts for senior, military, or any other special concessions which apply to you.


Food Savings:


14) Pack lunches to take out when you leave your RV to explore. This will remove the temptation to visit a restaurant for lunch, an expense which soon adds up when you RV full time.


15) Similarly, buying a slow cooker means you can set your dinner cooking before you leave, and have it waiting for you in the evening. Again, this removes the temptation to finish off a tiring day with a quick, easy, but expensive meal out.


These are just some of the ways you can go full time with your RV on a budget. And remember, even if each individual saving is small, together they'll add up to an extremely worthwhile amount over time, and could make the difference between a happy and fulfilling life on the road or one that's hounded by money worries.

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