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4 Ways To Prevent RV Theft

4 Ways To Prevent RV Theft

Life on the road gives an immense amount of freedom, whether you're enjoying a weekend away from home or a longer stretch of full-time mobile living. But with the freedom comes a certain loss of security: your RV and its contents are at greater risk of theft than your well-secured, well-monitored home, especially as you drive into remoter locations.


But you don't need to accept the risk of theft. There are several ways of protecting your RV and your possessions so that you can have peace of mind wherever your travels take you. Here are four of the most important areas you can look at to stop yourself becoming a victim of RV theft.


1) Physical Deterrence


If your RV can't be easily moved, it's very unlikely to the target of a casual criminal. Attaching a wheel lock or clamp makes your RV immobile unless the device is physically unlocked, which takes seconds with a key but is very difficult for a potential thief. A hitch lock is a similar device that prevents your RV being hooked up to another vehicle, reducing the chances of it being towed away. And lastly, a simple steering wheel lock can be an effective deterrent to all but the most determined of opportunistic criminals.


2) Exterior Protection



But where you park your RV can have a large influence on its security too. Parking behind a locking gate or secure chain puts an extra obstacle in the path of a thief, and is usually enough to make them move on to easier pickings. Adding lights to the exterior will also discourage theft, especially if linked up to a motion sensor to give a prowling intruder an illuminated surprise. And if you're going to be away from your RV for a long period, leaving it in a supervised and secured location is always a good idea.


3) Electronics and Technology


Fitting a GPS protection system to your RV will help you track it down if it's stolen. However, it will also act as a deterrent if the tracker is hidden away but its presence advertised on your RV's dash. Simple car alarms are another option, and should be fitted as a precaution unless your motorhome already includes one.


4) Safeguarding Your RV Contents



Lastly, it's not only your actual RV that you need to worry about being stolen. Protecting your contents is equally important, so make sure your vehicle's locks are sturdy and well-fitted, and also make sure you use them every time you leave your motorhome. And lastly, don't leave any valuables easily on display, even if your RV is securely locked, as a tempted thief can cause plenty of damage even if they don't successfully gain entry.


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