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9 Tips For Cooking In Your RV Oven

9 Tips For Cooking In Your RV Oven

A great RV can be a true home from home, but even the most comfortable motorhome's cooking facilities are unlikely to match the facilities of a full domestic kitchen. But cooking in your RV doesn't need to be difficult, and the results don't need to be second rate. Follow these tips and you'll soon be turning out delicious food for every day of your RV stay.


1) Buy the Right Pan Size



RV ovens are usually a different size to domestic ones, and standard cookware doesn't always fit snugly. Buying special oven pans and trays for your RV ensures you can make the most of the space you have available, letting you cook more ingredients on each oven shelf.


2) Preheat Your Oven Carefully


An RV oven is often slower to heat up, so pay careful attention to preheating it before adding food. Allow plenty of time before serving, so that you're not rushing to the table at the last minute. Also, an underheated oven can leave the insides of your food raw, even if the outside looks perfectly cooked.


3) Use a Baking Stone


Not all RV ovens distribute heat as evenly as a domestic appliance, but a baking or pizza stone will help level your cooking out. Preheat the stone with your oven, and your cooking will be faster while avoiding both burning and undercooking.


4) Use an Oven Thermometer


When you're out on the road the last thing you need is a nasty case of food poisoning. A dedicated oven thermometer will usually be more accurate than the one built in to your RV oven, helping ensure your ingredients are cooked through.


5) Find the Hot Spot


If your oven has switchable shelves, use your thermometer to test the temperature at each level. There'll likely be significant differences, which will affect cooking times at different heights.


6) Rotate Shelves


If you're cooking on more than one level, you'll likely get more even results by switching the shelves around halfway through the cooking time.


7) What's the Weather Like?


Most RVs have their ovens on an exterior wall, and the temperature outdoors will have an impact on the oven's heating ability. Allow extra time in sub-zero conditions, and keep a careful eye on cooking in the summer heat.


8) Choose Bakeware Carefully


Bakeware in an RV can take more punishment than in a home kitchen. Look for durability, quality, and versatility first, rather than focusing on appearance.


9) Cooking on the Level


Lastly, before starting to cook any meal, make sure your RV is parked as level as possible. This is especially important for any meal with liquids, whether that's a slow-cooked casserole or a boiling pan of pasta. Any slope can be dangerous as well as potentially wasting food through spillage.


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