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Best Tips for a More Sustainable Van Life

Best Tips for a More Sustainable Van Life

Over the years, van living has continued to grow in popularity. Whether you like to camp out in your van on the weekends, or you are looking to travel the world in your van, many people agree that van life can be very enjoyable. If you are thinking about discovering the joys of van life, here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure that you have a sustainable journey.


Be Respectful of the Area Around You


Van life usually means spending a lot of time at a campground. While campgrounds make you feel one with nature, it is important to remember that hey are still a public place and you should be considerate of other campers as well as the environment.


Here are a few tips to help you make your camp site experience better for everyone:

• Keep noise down to a minimum after dark.
• Don't' throw your trash on the ground.
• Pick up after your pet and make sure that the pet stays on your campsite.
• Do not start fires in undesignated areas.
• Respect Nature. Do not cause damage to any trees or other plants.
• Be respectful to other campers.


Following these simple tips can help ensure that you and other campers are able to enjoy your time at the campsite.


Get Organized


When you are staying in a van, you will obviously have a limited amount of space. To ensure that you are able to easily find clothing, food, and other items quickly, you will need to keep everything organized.


Try using clear plastic tubs or containers to store your items. This will allow you to see inside of the container without opening it and taking items out. Also, you will want to label the containers and keep things in specific categories. For instance, you should label one container "dry foods," and that is where you could keep your chips, mixed nuts, and other dry food items. You could also have other categories including summer clothing, bedding and sheets, and sports/activities.


Keep Your Vehicle as Fuel-Efficient as Possible



This may be obvious, but when you are traveling across the country in a gas-powered vehicle, you are probably burning fuel at a higher rate than most other drivers. While there is not an all-electric camping van available yet, there are ways to cut down on your carbon footprint while traveling in your van.


Here are a few tips to help you cut down on your fuel consumption:

• Travel light. Heavier loads are bad on your fuel economy ratings.

• Make sure your tires have enough air. If the tires on your van are low or flat, you are more likely to burn through the fuel faster.

• Drive Slow. Driving at a slow and steady pace will make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

• Plan Ahead. Having your route planned out ahead of time will allow you to travel when the roads are not too congested.

• Plan a long stay. If you stay at your destination longer, you will be traveling on the road less.

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