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Buying an RV? Compare Newmar & Thor

Buying an RV? Compare Newmar & Thor

The recreational vehicle market is huge and offers a perfect option for buyers of all budgets. Whether you're looking for a small gasoline model for weekends on the road, or a full-size diesel Class A which can become a true home from home, there are always plenty of RV models to choose from.


With such a major purchase, it's important to choose wisely. And while there are many, many manufacturers offering great RVs, there are two big brands which you'll rarely regret choosing.


Every RV enthusiast knows the names Newmar and Thor, but what sets them apart?


1) Newmar




The Newmar Corporation has been producing RVs of the highest quality for over 50 years, and they're active in every segment of the market. Some of their longest-running models such as Dutch Star and Mountain Air have become Class A icons, and are still selling strong years after their introduction.


Further down the size range, Class C models such as Super Star and Supreme Aire pair powerful engines with a smaller chassis but keep to the same supreme levels of comfort. These options offer an excellent smaller-scale RV experience at a much more affordable price.


Within the knowledgeable RV community, Newmar is perhaps best known for introducing the innovative Comfort Drive steering system. This technology is exclusive to Newmar, and works with your driving style to minimize the effort you'll expend keeping your RV safely on the road, even under the most challenging conditions.


2) Thor Motorcoach




Since they began in 1980, Thor has firmly established itself in the RV industry, partly through the development of their own highly respected recreational vehicle models, and partly through acquiring some the biggest names in the industry and adding their expertise to their own.


Thor operates mostly at the smaller end of the scale, but always with an emphasis on luxury and quality. Some of their most widely known and driven Class A RVs are the Palazzo, Aria, and Tuscany, although these aren't quite as large and luxurious as typical Newmar models.


Moving down to Class B, Thor are still highly active with famous gasoline models including the Tellaro and Sequence. These smaller RVs are created with off-grid camping in mind rather than full-time life on the road, and their smaller yet still powerful frames are well suited to areas with traffic restrictions, such as many national parks.


The Verdict: Newmar vs Thor for Recreational Vehicles in Ontario


Both Newmar and Thor are excellent RV manufacturers, but largely serve a different kind of buyer. If you're looking for a full-featured, powerful, large RV you can really call a home, then Newmar perhaps make the better choice.


If you're looking for a less immersive experience suitable for shorter trips in considerable comfort, the Thor range is more likely to contain the right model for you.


Browse Recreational Vehicles in Ontario


But in the end, both brands produce top-quality RVs and your choice should come down to which individual models fit your needs. Contact us to browse the full range of both Newmar and Thor recreational vehicles at our Ontario dealership, and we'll be happy to help you choose the ideal RV for your needs and budget.

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