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How To Clean RV Carpet When You're Travelling With Pets

How To Clean RV Carpet When You're Travelling With Pets

One of the great advantages of RV travel for pet owners is how easy it is to take your pet with you on the road. But for all their lovableness and companionship, even the most well-mannered animal is capable of making a mess in the confines of a moving vehicle.


One of the RV areas that's most at risk from picking up pet-borne dirt and debris is the carpet, and learning how to most effectively clean it is essential for prolonging its life and keep it clean, fresh, and free from odour. Here's what you need to know.


Cleaning Up Fur



Most pets leave at least some fur behind, and this can cause a real problem in deep-pile domestic carpeting. Luckily, most RV carpets are thinner and it's easier to remove fur before it builds up. However, a regular vacuum might not be powerful enough to pick up all the fur, especially if it's a lower-powered one designed to save juice on the road.


To combat this, first use a lint roller or heavy brush to loosen as much fur as possible, giving your vacuum more chance to pick up what remains. And then, after every trip, use your more powerful domestic vacuum to give a more thorough treatment and remove even the deeply trapped traces of fur.


Accidents and Mess



Even well-trained and experienced animals can have toilet accidents when confined on a long journey, especially during the early excitement of a trip. But urine and carpets don't make a good mix, and you'll need to get to work clearing up quickly if you want to avoid staining and lingering odours.


First, blot the affected area with clean towels to soak up as much liquid as possible, then remove and spray with a liquid cleaner. Dedicated products are available for this purpose, but you can also use a general detergent. Leave the cleaner to soak in for a few minutes, rinse with clean water, then blot up again using towels. Repeat the process until all traces of urine are gone. Lastly, sprinkling a little baking soda or odour eliminator onto the carpet will help remove any traces of smell, as well as stopping your pet from using that area as a toilet the next time emergency strikes.


General Deep Cleaning



Lastly, there's no avoiding the fact that the odour of pets will tend to build up in a carpet, even in the absence of accidents. Giving your carpet a deep clean every once in a while will reduce these problems considerably. Simply sprinkle a cleaning powder or fluid over your carpet every few weeks, leave it to do its odour-neutralizing work, and then vacuum up to leave your carpet fresh and sweet-smelling.


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