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How to pick the Best RVs for Couples

How to pick the Best RVs for Couples


  • Choose between Beds and Bunks
  • Consider a Dinette
  • Choose a smaller Class B campervan or popup trailer if you love the outdoors and will spend most of your vacation hiking and exploring

Owning an RV gives you an immense amount of flexibility for exploring the wilderness of Ontario and beyond. But an RV isn't just an RV. There's a huge variety of sizes, styles, and price levels available, and choosing the wrong model can take a lot of the fun and convenience out of RV life.


If you're a couple buying your first RV, what do you need to know? Here are three important points to consider.


1) Beds or Bunks?



Many RVs make the most of their space by slotting extra bunks into nooks and crannies to increase the sleeping capacity. But if you're a couple and you know you won't camping with guests, why waste space with unneeded bunks? Choosing a single queen-sized bed will free up valuable space for storage, extra equipment, and more.

2) Separate Showers and Toilets


For a larger family, drawing up a bathroom rota can be almost a military mission during an RV expedition. For a couple, things can be much simpler, so why not take advantage by choosing separate shower and bathroom facilities?


Not only does this provide extra privacy compared to a shared wet bath space, it also means ablutions can be carried out at the same time for increased convenience.


3) Consider a Dinette


Again, larger families need to think carefully about dining arrangements. But for a couple, a small dinette is often all you need. Its compact size means it doesn't waste interior space you could be using as a living or sleeping area, but it will be there for you when poor weather means you can't take your meals outside.


A dinette also makes a great area for breakfasting, and it's a good option for a couple to sit and relax without setting up the outdoor furniture. Lastly, it also provides an area of privacy for those times when, for example, one half of a couple wants an early night while the other prefers to stay up and read.


RV Options for Different Vacation Styles




With all the different sizes and kinds of RV available, there's always an option to suit the different types of vacation lifestyle each couple enjoys.


- Choose a smaller Class B campervan or popup trailer if you love the outdoors and will spend most of your vacation hiking and exploring. A Class B will provide essential comfort for sleeping and space for secure storage, without the size, weight, and expense of a larger motorhome.


- Seniors who plan to spend plenty of time on the road may prefer the extra comfort and security of a large Class A motorhome, or a fifth wheel if you already own a capable truck.


- Full-time RV couples will love the flexibility of a fifth-wheel hauled behind a powerful SUV or truck. The trailer offers all the comforts of home, while the towing vehicle can be detached to let you explore your surroundings with greater ease.


Explore the Best Range of RVs in Ontario


Ready to find out more? Visit us at The Hitch House to explore the premier range of RV deals in Ontario. Whether you're a couple, a family, or a single traveller, we have the right RV for you.

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