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Keeping Safe While RVing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Keeping Safe While RVing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has ruled out the majority of travel by air and boat, travel by car and recreational vehicle (RV) has increased. In Ontario, The Hitch House knows that RV travel might not be the first thing on everyone's mind because of the fear of coronavirus. Most people will shelter in place at their homes to enjoy their creature comforts and lessen their chance of contracting the virus. However, RV travel is a popular--and safe--method by which people can travel while still social distancing. It also provides a different view and new experiences every day instead of being stuck in the house.

Keeping Up to Date

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One of the most important parts of staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic is keeping informed of the situation. This includes knowing about the testing available, positive cases, hospital capacity, and more in all possible destinations. In addition, due to shelter in place and stay at home restrictions, many parks, campgrounds, and other businesses might be closed and impact a trip.

It is easy to get the most up-to-date coronavirus information and recommendations for staying safe during the outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a great place to start researching coronavirus information. They provide situation updates, country guidance, advice for staying safe, and more.

For countrywide information, the Public Health Agency of Canada is a great resource that provides the latest info on the coronavirus outbreak and its possible health risks to Canadians. In addition, the Government of Ontario's website can keep everyone, including RV travelers, apprised of the coronavirus situation in the city and surrounding areas.

Connection and Preparedness

Taking an RV trip during the pandemic is a great way to experience new destinations while remaining safe. Here are a few tips for ensuring a smooth trip.

All RVers should remain connected in some way to the outside world. Getting away from it all is great, but the coronavirus pandemic can change in an instant. This pandemic impacts all people and businesses and can adversely affect an RV trip. For that reason, it is important to have consistent access to the Internet to visit essential local and government websites to read the latest updates.

The second tip is to be and stay prepared. All RVers should have an oversupply of necessary items (at least an extra three days' worth) in case stores are suddenly closed or RVers are not allowed to travel. In addition, an emergency plan should be in place should a trip need to be cut short.

Remember to Have Fun

An RV trip during the coronavirus pandemic is both similar and different from a regular RV trip. It is still possible to have fun, explore new sights, and get back to nature. However, it is important to remain connected to the outside world in case the situation changes. By staying informed, staying prepared, and staying safe, an RV trip can still be a fun and exciting experience.


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