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Nomadland: Rving is So Popular, it Just Won an Oscar

Nomadland: Rving is So Popular, it Just Won an Oscar

Nomadland is a movie about a woman who lost everything and decides to journey across the United States. She makes a living doing odd jobs across the country and lives in her van full time. Since its release, the movie has won three Academy Awards and an Oscar. Many people praise the movie for putting a spotlight on RV life.

Seeing RVing in a Whole New Way

Up until this movie was released, many people thought of RVs as just being a recreational vehicle that was used once or twice a year for camping trips and other adventures. However, with the pandemic making the entire world go on lockdown, this movie was able to lift the stigma of RV and van-dweller and had many people fantasizing about what it would be like to finally be able to leave their own homes and go on anĀ  RV adventure.


There are currently several YouTube channels and blogs that showcase how to successfully travel the world in an RV. However, when this movie won an Oscar, it was able to get the kind of publicity that it needed to reach a worldwide audience. Now, several people are looking into buying an RV for their own family.


RV Living for Everyone



While the main character of Nomadland may have lived in a camper van, motorhomes come in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of needs.


Here is a look at the different types of motorhomes that are currently offered:

  • Class A Motorcoach - This type of RV is one of the largest RVs on the road. They are offered in a variety of floorplans and can are big enough to sleep several people comfortably.
  • Class B Motorhome - These are often referred to as camper vans. They are a compact RV, however, they still provide enough space for two to four people.
  • Class C Motorhome -This is a medium-sized RV that comes with an over-cab sleeping/storage area. These RVs try to utilize every inch of space that is available and also come with a full kitchen and bathroom. Most Class C motorhomes can sleep between six and eight people.




The movie Nomadland shined a light on RV living and showed people that travelling in an RV can be fun and adventurous. If you have any questions about RVing, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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