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RV Tips and Tricks: 14 Hacks Every Camper Should Know

RV Tips and Tricks: 14 Hacks Every Camper Should Know

There are no great secrets to RV life, but plenty to learn through experience. Take a shortcut with these 14 useful hacks to get you started.


1) Make a Checklist



Draw up a checklist of everything you'll need to do before every departure. Don't get caught hours from home realizing you've forgotten something vital.


2) Know Your RV's Height



Make sure you know the total height of your RV so you can navigate bridges and underpasses in safety.


3) Level Water Filling



Before you refill your water tank, ensure your RV is parked on the level, or you won't be able to fill to the brim.


4) Re-Use Grey Water


If you're boondocking away from a reliable water supply, it's important to conserve whatever water you can. Try washing dishes in a basin, and using the leftover grey water to flush the toilet.


5) Fit a Low-Flow Shower Head



Similarly, replacing your standard RV shower head with an eco-friendly version will help you save water without cutting back on ablutions.


6) Use a One-Pot Cooker


A one-pot pressure or slow cooker makes it simple to have a meal ready and waiting for when you return to your RV, saving you money on eating out for convenience.


7) Pack a Pizza Stone



Many RV ovens heat unevenly, making cooking more difficult. A pizza stone helps even the heat out for more reliable cooking, and is useful for far more than just your favourite pizza.


8) Shut Off the Propane


Get into the habit of turning off the propane valve before you even think about driving your RV. A sudden jolt on the highway could dislodge a connection, creating a huge fire risk.


9) Pack a Tool Kit


You never know when you'll need a screwdriver, a hammer, or another basic tool. Pack a simple kit with the essentials before you leave.


10) Pack a First Aid Kit


Even more importantly, make sure you have first aid essentials easily on hand at all times.


11) Buy a Good Hairdryer


A hairdryer is useful for more than styling. Buy a good model and you can use it for thawing pipes, warming kindling for campfires, drying off sodden socks, and much more.


12) Campfire Safety


But when you light a campfire, make sure it's put out completely before you leave the site. Remember, it's not just the surface that stays hot: use plenty of grey water to ensure even the embers deep down in the pit are fully extinguished.


13) Plan Your Route Carefully


Don't rely on regular maps or navigation software to plan your RV trip. Use a dedicated RV route planning app that takes account of road widths, height restrictions, and more.


14) Auto-Wash Your Clothes


Lastly, pile your dirty clothes into a sealed bucket of soapy water before you drive away. The churning motion caused by bumps will clean your clothes within an hour or two, and they'll need only a rinse before hanging up to dry.


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