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RV Water Filters: The Difference Between Green and Blue is a Solid Carbon Block

RV Water Filters: The Difference Between Green and Blue is a Solid Carbon Block

When you are getting ready to take your RV on a trip, making sure that it has a water filter is probably the last thing on your mind. And while the water filter may not seem like the most important thing to pack, it is definitely a vital part of your camping trip. It helps to ensure that you are consuming clean water.


The water filter has many functions. One of the things that it does is ensures that you are consuming fresh water. Even though the water filter plays an especially important role, many people do not know much about the water filters in their own RVs. Here is a look at the different water filters available and which one is best for you.



What Does Your RVs Water Filter Do?



When you park your RV at a campground and hook up to the water system, you do not really know what the water quality is going to be. It could be crystal clear and clean, or it could be filled with dirt and grime. When you use a water filter, you are essentially filtering out any dirt, sand, and other debris that can find its way into the water.


As you know, dirty water has the potential to make you extremely sick. However, it is not only bad for you, but it is also bad for the plumbing system in your RV. With the right water filter, you can be sure to have fresh, clean, great-tasting water at your disposal.



The Difference Between Blue and Green



When it comes to water filters for our RVs, most people do not even know what kind of water filter they have. If they know anything about it, they know what colour it is and that is it. The two most popular water filters on the market today are the blue Camco water filter and the green CLEAR20 water filter.


Other than being two different colours, these two water filters also have another distinguishable difference. The green-coloured CLEAR20 filter uses a solid carbon block to filter out debris. The blue filter uses loose carbon to filter out harmful microorganisms.



What is the Difference Between Loose Carbon and Solid Block Carbon Filtration Systems?



For generations, families have used the blue filter without understanding how this filter works, or what makes it an effective - or ineffective - product. The green CLEAR20 filter uses a solid carbon block to filter the water. And the Camco water filter uses tiny bits of carbon to filter the water.


To understand which method would be more effective, think of the solid block of carbon as a solid sheet of cotton. Now think of the loose carbon as small cotton balls. If you were to run water through a solid sheet of cotton, you would have more luck filtering out debris than you would if you were to pour it over a bunch of cotton balls.


The loose carbon filtration system has been known to allow hair, dirt, and other organisms through when filtering. This means that you could be drinking dirt and hair when you use a filter that has loose carbon.


However, filters that have a solid carbon block can filter out more contaminants to give you fresh-tasting water every time. So, the next time you are looking for a new water filter for your RV, be sure to find one that has a solid carbon block in it.

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