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RVing on a Budget: How to Travel Across Canada Without Breaking the Bank

RVing on a Budget: How to Travel Across Canada Without Breaking the Bank

RV travels are fun, adventurous, and, most of all, a bonding experience with your loved ones. So if you’re keen to take your RV out for a spin this year but are worried about burning a hole in your pocket, here are some tips that’ll help you save money while travelling so you can enjoy RVing on a budget.


Choosing the Right Adventure RV

When choosing an Adventure RV, consider what kind of off-road fun you plan. Will you use your RV throughout the day or at night? What kind of budget are you looking at, and how many people will sleep in it? These are vital answers when deciding what type of RV you want.


Different Types of Adventure RVs

Expedition Vehicle: An Expedition Vehicle is one of the most rugged RVs. One of the best things about this RV is that it's large, so you have a lot of space to modify the RV and design it the way you want. It's like a second home and can fit in all the amenities. The only con is that this is slightly more expensive than other RVs.


Travel Trailer Off-road: The Travel Trailer Off-road RV is an excellent choice if you're keen on taking a genuinely adventurous ride and conquering rough terrain. This camper is designed to provide better protection in extreme weather conditions. On the downside, these RVs are also tougher to maneuver and require more maintenance than other RV options.


Tear Drop: Tear Drop RVS are cost-effective and comfortable without being as expensive as the above two options. However, they could be better when handling extreme weather conditions.


Pop-Up: With Pop-Up RVs, you're looking at a smaller, simpler option that's easy on your pocket and can be trailered with an SUV. It will give you only some amenities like a full-sized RV, though.


Truck Camper:  Lastly, you can travel the minimalist way with a Truck Camper RV. You can just get up and head to wherever you want to go without having to plan days. These RVs have limited space, so you must compromise on comfort.


Finding Affordable Campsites

There are various places where you can have an authentic camping experience - and that too for free. Some areas include Crown Land, recreational sites in BC, territorial parks, and municipal grounds.


You can also try boondocking. This means camping off the grid. With boondocking, you have to depend on what you carry. You do not benefit from running water, a sewer system, or an electrical connection. Some campgrounds are designated for boondocking.


Cooking Meals on the Road

You should carry everything you need, including a cooking range, a washing machine and a full refrigerator to store food so you don’t spend money on getting your laundry done outside or at expensive restaurants for every meal.


Since RVs are closed spaces, you get to connect with all the people you’re travelling with and genuinely spend time with them on the trip rather than being in separate rooms all the time.


Saving Money on Gas

You can also save money on fuel if you drive smart and avoid rush hour traffic. Of course, you should also cruise at a decent speed to avoid burning too much fuel.


Are you Ready to RV on a Budget?

Now that you know how to take RVing on a budget to the next level, enjoy your next adventure without worrying about spending too much. Whether you're boondocking or camping on municipal grounds, make sure you have a reliable RV by your side. Contact The Hitch House for the best deals on new and used RVs and motorhomes.

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