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The Benefits of Living in an RV Full Time in a Park

The Benefits of Living in an RV Full Time in a Park

Owning an RV is a great way to explore the Ontario wilderness at weekends or for short breaks away. Larger recreational vehicles are also excellent for spending months on the road at a time, seeing more of the country in comfort and with total freedom.


But it's also possible to go one step further and live in your RV full time, and while many full-timers constantly move from place to place, there's also the option of setting your RV down in a park and staying there as a more or less permanent home. Why would you decide to do this? Here are just some of the benefits you could enjoy.


- Use of Amenities


Most parks that are tailored to long-stay visitors include an excellent set of amenities to make life more comfortable. You'll probably find great laundry facilities, easy access to groceries and other essentials, and simple metering for power and water usage. Compare this to the need to find your feet in every new place you visit, and sticking to one park for months at a time is much easier and more comfortable.


And at the highest end, you might even find a park with its own pool, sports, and gym facilities to add a genuine touch of active luxury to your stay.


- Discounted Stays


Many camping grounds offer discounts for long-term visits, and you could save plenty by staying in one park for months at a time compared to moving around. And when you compare the price of renting a space in an RV park to the costs of renting a home or paying a mortgage, you'll be surprised at just how much you could save over a year.


- Easy Upkeep


When you live in an RV park you're only responsible for the maintenance of your own vehicle. You wont have the costs and hassle of keeping your yard neat and tidy, you won't have to worry about a leaking roof, and any minor problems with your RV can be handled by an expert mechanic at a reasonable cost.


- Social Gatherings


You can meet plenty of interesting people while out on the road, but all your contacts will necessarily be fairly brief and relatively casual in nature. When you live full time in an RV park you'll get to know other long-term residents, and will find a fulfilling social life is much easier to achieve. The freedom of the open road is amazing, but a lengthy stay in an RV park lets you put down a few roots too.


Live the RV Life in Ontario with The Hitch House


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