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The Best Portable Ice Makers For RVs (500)

The Best Portable Ice Makers For RVs (500)

Even the best-equipped RV's kitchen will boast less space than the average home. If your motorhome's freezer compartment is already filled with foods for your trip away, you don't want to waste space with an old-fashioned ice tray. Adding a portable ice maker to your RV will let you enjoy chilled drinks while keeping plenty of freezer space for your steaks and stews, and here are five of the best models to buy.


1) Magic Chef Countertop Ice Maker


Magic Chef is a brand that's known for combining affordable prices with reliable quality. Their Countertop Ice Maker is at the higher end of the weight scale, coming in at a solid 12kg, but it offers performance to match its heft. It can produce small batches of nine ice cubes in just seven minutes, ideal for when returning after a hot day's exploring. However, for more heavy duty use, it can produce up to 11.7kg of ice in a 24 hour period, perfect for hosting gatherings around your RV.


2) Ikich


The Ikitch portable ice maker is smaller at just 22cm across, and also weighs a lightweight 7kg, making it an ideal ice maker for smaller RVs with limited space. But its smaller proportions doesn't mean it's a poor performer. Generating nine cubes in just six minutes, it's one of the fastest and most convenient models available today, and also operates with a quietness that'll be most appreciated in a smaller RV.


3) Viviohome Ice Cube Maker


This Viviohome model is made from stainless steel for a durable finish with attractively modern looks. It's also a versatile machine, making two sizes of ice cube both easily accessible with a removable ice basket. It's capable of delivering a speedy nine-cube ice batch in a touch over six minutes, and can produce around 12kg per 24 hours without breaking sweat.


4) Frigidaire EFIC206


Frigidaire is one of the most respected and well-known names in kitchen appliances, and they carry their high levels of quality through into this RV ice maker. Offering a bucket capacity of over a kilogram, it's a great option for larger families. However, it can also produce five cubes in just six minutes, making a great option for those last-minute cool drinks decisions.


5) Igloo ICEB26


Lastly, Igloo is a noted manufacturer of high-end coolers and freezers for both domestic and commercial buyers, and their RV ice maker wonn't spoil their reputation. It's quiet, stylish, and available in a wide range of colours, making it an attractive option for RVs of all decor styles. More importantly, its ice-making functions won't let you down, producing nine pieces in seven minutes or 12kg over 24 hours from a water reservoir of nearly 3L.


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