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The Difference Between Class B+ and Class B RVs

The Difference Between Class B+ and Class B RVs

Are you pondering the difference between a Class B and a Class B+ motorhome for your next RV adventure in Ontario? Both options provide unique perks, and understanding the contrasts can help make your decision more comfortable. In this article, we'll dive into the essential differences between Class B and Class B+ motorhomes, focusing on size, drivability, storage, interior layout, features, and décor.


Size Matters


Class B motorhomes, colloquially known as camper vans, boast a compact design, usually measuring between 16 to 21 feet in overall length. This makes them perfect for navigating urban environments or fitting into smaller campgrounds.


On the other hand, Class B+ motorhomes offer a little extra. With an attached cab or cab chassis, the living space increases, and they typically range from 23 to 25 feet in length. This additional room might just make all the difference on those longer Ontario road trips.




Most Class B motorhomes operate on front-wheel drive (FWD) platforms, delivering reliable handling in diverse weather conditions - a feature you'll appreciate during those unpredictable Canadian winters.


Class B+ motorhomes are usually built on the Ford Transit chassis, which comes with all-wheel drive (AWD) as standard. This gives them an edge for off-roading capabilities, and the advanced safety features enhance peace of mind on your journeys.


Storage Considerations

In Class B motorhomes, internal storage space is found in the living area, kitchen, bathroom, and under the bed. However, they lack external storage compartments.


Class B+ motorhomes offer the same internal storage plus external rotocast storage compartments with lights. More storage is always a bonus when you're exploring the Ontario wilderness for extended periods.


Interior Space

Class B motorhomes cleverly fit a kitchen, wet bath, bedroom, and living area within their compact dimensions. There are no slide-outs, but the design is surprisingly functional.


Class B+ motorhomes benefit from their larger dimensions, providing more interior space with full or partial wall slide-outs. This makes the living area feel more open and inviting, transforming your RV into a true home-away-from-home.


Key Features


Both Class B and Class B+ motorhomes include modern conveniences such as WiFi extenders, multiplex control systems, and solar charging options. Class B vans offer versatile entertainment spaces with swivelling cab chairs and TV connections. In contrast, Class B+ models, with their larger spaces, accommodate more significant gatherings and feature TVs in easy-access areas.



Lastly, the floor plans in both Class B and Class B+ motorhomes are generally the same, but they may offer different interior and exterior décor options based on the brand. This allows you to personalize your RV to truly reflect your style and taste.


To conclude, both Class B and Class B+ motorhomes have their unique advantages. Your choice will ultimately depend on your travel needs, preferences, and lifestyle.


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