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Tips to Boost Your RV’s Fuel Economy

Tips to Boost Your RV’s Fuel Economy

Embarking on an RV adventure is a quintessentially Canadian experience, replete with breathtaking landscapes and the open road ahead. However, the rising fuel prices have left many travellers pondering their next getaway. Fear not, intrepid explorers, for the joys of RVing need not be dampened by hefty gas receipts. Here are some savvy strategies to enhance your RV's fuel efficiency and ensure your journey is as economical as it is memorable.


RVing: The Economical Adventure


RV travel uniquely combines transportation and accommodation, offering significant savings over traditional travel methods. Instead of costly airfares and hotel stays, an RV allows you the freedom to roam and reside in comfort. Not only does this mode of travel cut down on external expenses, but it also gives you the liberty to craft your culinary experiences, sparing you from the cumulative costs of eating out.


According to the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada, RVing remains the more affordable choice in vacations, with a whopping 80% of RV enthusiasts affirming that their mobile getaways are cost-effective even amidst soaring fuel prices.


Strategies to Stretch Every Drop


Improving your RV’s gas mileage isn’t just about driving; it’s about smart travelling. Here’s how to maximize fuel economy:


  • Cruise Control: Use it to maintain a consistent speed. Frequent acceleration and deceleration can guzzle gas unnecessarily.
  • Air Conditioning: Use it judiciously. Dressing in lightweight clothing, opening windows, and journeying during cooler parts of the day can reduce reliance on fuel-draining AC.
  • Regular Maintenance: Before setting out, ensure your RV’s oil, tire pressure, and air filters are checked. A well-maintained vehicle performs efficiently.
  • Plan Your Stops: Tools like GasBuddy can guide you to the most affordable gas stations and optimal refuelling times, helping you skirt the pricier pumps.
  • Drive Smartly: Reducing your speed from 100 to 85 kilometres per hour and lightening your load can lead to significant fuel savings.
  • Choose Closer Destinations: Camping closer to home or engaging in 'dry camping' can cut down on the fuel needed for longer journeys.


The Open Road Awaits


By adhering to these tips and keeping your RV in prime condition, your next great Canadian road trip can be as cost-effective as it is exhilarating. Remember, despite the fluctuations in gas prices, the value of RVing lies not only in the destinations you explore but also in the smart choices you make along the way.


Embrace the road with confidence, knowing that with a bit of planning and some fuel-saving tactics, the RV lifestyle is still within reach, beckoning you to discover the wonders of Canada’s vast and varied terrain.




At THE HITCH HOUSE, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your RV experience. With expert advice, top-notch service, and a passion for the open road, we're here to ensure your RV adventure is unforgettable – and affordable. Join us, and let the journey begin.

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