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Tips to Clean Your Travel Trailer

Tips to Clean Your Travel Trailer

Venturing into the great Canadian outdoors in your travel trailer is a source of immense joy and freedom. However, to ensure that each getaway begins and ends on a high note, keeping your travel trailer in pristine condition is key. The Hitch House is here to offer some professional insights on maintaining the exterior of your travel trailer, ensuring longevity and a fresh look for all your road adventures.


Regular Rinse-Offs: The First Step in Maintenance


Your travel trailer is your home on wheels, braving road grime, insects, and the elements. It deserves a thorough rinse after each excursion. A gentle sponge wash with a mild soap followed by a clean water rinse can work wonders. Avoid high-pressure sprays near appliance vents to prevent moisture ingress. For hard-to-reach spots, like the roof, a soft-bristle brush and a sturdy ladder will ensure every nook is cleaned. This step is not just about aesthetics; it's a fundamental practice to spot any early signs of wear and tear.


Waxing: The Shield Against Nature's Elements


A robust layer of wax not only gives your travel trailer a gleaming finish but also acts as a barrier against environmental damage. Ensure your travel trailer is dry, and select a wax that's compatible with your exterior. A thorough waxing session is also the perfect opportunity to inspect your trailer's surface for any unnoticed dents or scratches that need attention.


Awning Care: Rolling Up Clean and Dry


Awnings provide essential outdoor living space, but they can harbour moisture and debris. A diligent clean with soap and water, followed by a silicon spray on the moving parts, will keep the awning functioning smoothly and prevent mould or mildew during storage.


Sealant Checks: The Defence Against the Elements


The Canadian weather can be unforgiving, making it crucial to inspect the seals around the roof, windows, doors, and edges. Promptly addressing any compromised sealant can save you from costly water damage repairs. It's a barrier not just against water but also uninvited critters looking for a cozy corner.


Preventative Pest Control: Anecdotes and Actions


Tales of uninvited rodents highlight the importance of checking for gaps and potential entry points. Pest sprays and foam sealants can deter these small intruders. An added tip is to stash scent-free dryer sheets within the RV to keep bugs and spiders at bay.


Lubrication: The Squeak-Free Solution


A quick spray of WD40 on hinges and a graphite lubricant on locks can make all the difference, transforming sticky doors and windows into smooth operators. Remember, lubrication isn't just about ease of use; it's about protecting moving parts from the harshness of the road.


Vents and Covers: Your Seasonal Checkpoints


Appropriate vent covers can prevent nesting insects and moisture buildup, especially during long-term storage. Remember to cover your A/C unit with a proper cover to avoid condensation and rust.


Interior Climate Control: Keeping Cool When Off Duty


Even when parked, the summer heat can soar inside your travel trailer, accelerating wear on the interior. By keeping vents open, you allow the hot air to escape. Max Air covers are a fantastic addition, allowing you to keep vents open, rain or shine.


Slide-Out Maintenance: Avoiding Costly Replacements


Lastly, a bit of attention to your slide-out rails with the right lubricant can prevent rust and ensure seamless operation. It's a small step with significant rewards, preventing the expense and hassle of major repairs.


Your travel trailer is a substantial investment and a vessel for incredible memories. By following these tips from The Hitch House, you'll not only maintain its value but also ensure that each journey is as trouble-free as the last. Happy trails and happy motorhome service in Ontario!

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