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To camp or not to camp during COVID-19

To camp or not to camp during COVID-19

It was January 27, 2020 when the first confirmed case of what's now known as the coronavirus, or COVID-19, struck in Canada. When it did, it changed the way people operated in profound ways. Social activities were altered to fit new way of dealing with the virus. Whether it was dining at restaurants or traveling on vacation, everyone had to conduct their lives dramatically differently. Now, with the virus starting to level off, it has reached over 99,800 cases as of June 17th.

What do all the changes mean for everyone in Canada? What about those who wish to do some vacationing this summer? Some people may wonder whether they should camp or not camp. Although, flying to a vacation destination is still problematic or restricted, camping in Ontario in an RV during coronavirus is a viable solution.

Campground Status in Ontario


Campgrounds were restricted for the good part of spring while campsites had to close down or severely limit their activities. Although Ontario Parks reopened on May 11th, they had some prohibitions in place. One was that the parks would not have washrooms or potable water available. Only RVs will be allowed to camp overnight, which makes for a great vacation if you own an RV.

By mid-June, more restrictions will be lifted, and July may see a greater flexibility at many camp sites. Of course, there will still be guidelines in place, such as stay two metres apart on the beach, stay home if you have a cough or fever, and so on.

To Camp Or Not To Camp

If you own an RV, you will likely feel comfortable camping at a campsite while practicing proper guidelines. Experts say that being outdoors and with nature will help with the mental health issues that many may face during this challenging time. It is essential to get fresh air and sunshine after being shut in your home for an extended period.

In addition, the coronavirus is less contagious when in the outdoor air. During camping activities, most people spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and sports. This makes physical distancing much easier.

Finally, if you have an RV during coronavirus in Ontario, you will be able to control the environment, which means you have greater safety. In your own private RV you get to choose who comes and go and how you manage the cleanliness and germs.

Your Destination For Ontario Camping

Begin your summer vacation with a stop at the Hitch House to select a RV trailer. From a quality RV such as an Airstream to the delightful Newmar or Coachman, you will have choices at our showroom. We will assist you in finding an RV that fits your taste and budget, too.

An experienced sales associate will go over all the details of our line of trailers with you and discuss your options for financing. So, go ahead and take the plunge and make camping a go for this year. Stop by for your brand new RV today.



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