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Top 5 Best RV and Motorhome Blogs

Top 5 Best RV and Motorhome Blogs

The RV life might be one of independence and freedom, but it's also one that's had a thriving community built around it. For people whose RV is a passion, meeting others with the same interest is a rewarding and captivating experience.

But you don't necessarily need to meet up in person. The arrival of the web means it's easy to be in contact with fellow RVers online, whether they're based in Ontario or much further afield. One of the most satisfying ways of joining the online RV community is to begin reading blogs dedicated to the topic, and here are five of the best to get started with.

1) Camp Addict

Maintained by full-time RVers Marshall Wendler and Kelly Beasley, Camp Addict is a treasure trove of information on RVing. Reflecting the two friends' extensive experience of life on the road, the blog is much more than a simple diary, and is packed with reviews, guides, how-tos, product comparisons, and more. If you're looking to expand your range of RV equipment and accessories, this resource is a must-read before parting with any money.

2) Getaway Couple

Run by Rae and Jason Miller, the Getaway Couple is a comprehensive site covering the couple's adventures on the road. Their blog covers their experiences of RV-friendly destinations across the whole of North America, plus valuable information on the day-to-day aspects of the RV life.

But the site is bigger than their regularly updated blog. Explore further and you'll find videos, links to RV resources and product sellers, and even a store selling their own range of t-shirts and other RV-related merchandise.

3) RVBlogger

Developed by RV enthusiasts Mike and Susan, RVBlogger is a complete guide to RVing and related topics. Based on their shared life in a 24' Gulfstream Conquest Class C motorhome, the blog is a great resource for RVers of all experience levels. Browse the huge site to learn about the different kinds of RVs and what they're good for, how to care for your RV while traveling, and how to enjoy the freedoms of the road to the full.

4) Campers and Campfires

The content on Campers and Campfires is drawn from the knowledge gained by the owners spending over 100 days a year camping in a Grey Wolf travel trailer. There's a handy section aimed at new RV owners, providing all the information you need to get started, along with plenty of more advanced articles. Even the most experienced RVers can learn something from this comprehensive site.

5) LivinRVision

Lastly, few people are better placed to write about full-time RVing than Brian and Michelle of LivinRVision. After selling their worldly goods, the intrepid couple bought a Class A coach and launched into a life spent fully mobile. Their blog and accompanying videos detail their adventures, and is a valuable guide for anyone thinking of following in the couple's footsteps.

Whether you're a beginner RVer or a seasoned traveller, reading these blogs will help you learn from others' experiences to make your own RV life even more successful and satisfying.

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