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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying an RV

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying an RV

A recreational vehicle (RV) is a great way to experience nature and the great wide world in the way it was intended--up close and personal. Over 2 million Canadian households own an RV or trailer, hitching them up and enjoying long weekends or entire summers in new locations, having new experiences, and creating new memories.

The Hitch House is located in Ontario and offers a large variety of both new and used RVs. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing people to social distance, vacations that require airplane flights and hotel stays are not practical. Now is the perfect time to purchase an RV and get back to nature.

Personal RV Needs

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RVing is a national pastime and offers a very family-friendly lifestyle. Many people talk about buying an RV and exploring the world, but few actually know where to start. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing an RV.

1. Consider Your Needs

All potential RV buyers should take the time to truly understand how they want to use their new RV--visiting national parks, staying at upscale campgrounds, spending as much time as possible outdoors, boondocking, etc. All these items need to be considered when purchasing an RV because capabilities, such as maneuverability and boondocking, vary from RV to RV. Choosing the wrong RV can limit vacation options.

2. Set a Budget and Stick to It

Just like in car buying, there are many different price points available for those shopping for an RV. Potential buyers need to set a budget and stick to it to ensure they don't overpay. Sure, those fancy countertops and bump-outs look nice, but will they be used a lot when spending most of the time outdoors?

3. Ensure Proper Towing Capabilities

Potential buyers that already own a truck capable of towing an RV (and don't want to buy a larger one) should know the weight limitations and towing capacity. Matching the tow vehicle rating to a trailer is essential and can save headaches down the road.

4. Consider All Options

There are many new and used RV options from which to choose. New models offer the latest in safety, technology, and high-end finishes, but used models can save buyers thousands of dollars. It is important to go into RV shopping with an open mind--it is not about finding the perfect RV, it is about finding the best RV to fit a specific lifestyle.

5. Thoroughly Inspect the RV

Whether purchasing a new or used RV, the vehicle needs to be thoroughly inspected and serviced. For used RVs, it is important to check for mold, water damage, and rot on the roof and ceiling and in the floors and walls. For new RVs, they should also be thoroughly inspected and come with a warranty to protect against major issues for several years.

The Hitch House in Ontario has a large inventory of top-quality new and used RVs and trailers for sale. An RV is a unique vehicle that allows owners to experience the great wide world while still staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic--don't spend your life cooped up in your house, get out on the open road today!



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