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When is it time to service my RV?

When is it time to service my RV?

As an RV (recreational vehicle) owner, you must know that your home away from home needs some work to function throughout the year. This RV service guide will tell you when and how you need to deliver reliable service to your RV.


Here’s a quick guide to understanding the best time to get your RV serviced. It depends on how often you use your recreational vehicle.


What Does a Service Include?

What Does a Service Include


Maintaining your RV is like maintaining a car, except 10 times more! Due to such a vehicle's many features and technicalities, your RV needs constant attention. What you can do by yourself is change the oil and check the tire pressure. Your RV maintenance garage can look at many other aspects, such as the roof and the heating system. Waterproofing is also a crucial part of your RV.


When to Service RV?

When to Service RV


You might have a relatively new RV, but it’s a given that it’ll wear out quicker than a car. So, when to service RV? Usually, we advise having the fluids checked every 5,000 kilometres. You might need a replacement of specific components during your RV service, such as brakes and suspensions, every 16,000 kilometres.


Having your RV serviced at least once a year is best. The best time for a complete check-up is at the beginning of spring, mainly because vacations get more frequent. It’s also vital to see if your vehicle didn’t suffer much damage during the cold winter.


There’s also a distinction between someone that’ll use their RV daily and someone that uses it twice a year. You need to check your RV often when you use it. However, if your kilometres are low, then the RV only needs a check-up every six months to keep it ready for the road.


Different Types of Servicing

Different Types of Servicing


Our RV service guide makes a distinction between two types of service. First, someone from an RV dealership can perform the service. However, the costs might be high, and you’ll have to drive your RV to their location. The benefit of this option is the dealership will have spare parts in case they’re needed, and the service is usually quick.


Secondly, a mobile service will be the best option for RVs needing towing or immobile during the year. In this case, a professional can come to your location and perform a complete check-up of your vehicle. The cost might be even higher than bringing it to the dealership, but it’s worth it if you don’t have time to go to them or another workshop.


Costs of Servicing


If you have to replace a component of your RV, please note that it can be expensive. For example, changing the engine can add $2,000 or more, depending on the model. Overall, changing parts for an RV is crucial to keep it in good condition, and you need to keep a budget dedicated to your RV.

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