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Which Are the Best Wi-Fi Boosters and Extenders for Your RV?

Which Are the Best Wi-Fi Boosters and Extenders for Your RV?

It goes without saying that RVs give their owners a huge amount of freedom for enjoying leisure time. But with the rise in home working during the coronavirus pandemic, an RV can also give the freedom to work remotely from a variety of locations. However, this usually requires a good Wi-Fi connection, which isn't always easy to find when camping with an RV in Ontario.
But there's a solution. A top-quality Wi-Fi booster can improve your connection to a distant public hotspot, and turn your RV into a truly mobile office. Here are eight of the best boosters and extenders to look out for.
1) RedPort Halo - When you need an ultra-long-range extender that can pick up signals from kilometres away, this device could be the solution. Made to marine-grade standards, it'll get you the best possible Wi-Fi signal in your RV wherever you are.
2) WavLink Arieal HS3 N300 - At the other end of the scale, this repeater is designed to eliminate dead spots within your RV and speed up the connection for multiple users. It's also very inexpensive and easy to install, making this a great first start in solving your RV Wi-Fi issues.
3) Tupavco Wi-Fi Outdoor - With a potential range of three kilometres, this is an extender to be taken seriously. What's more, its directional antenna can be rotated fully 360° to zoom in on the best hotspot signal possible.
4) PDQ Wi-Fi Booster Amplifier and Hotspot - This portable device can take a weak Wi-Fi signal and transform it into a strong local hotspot able to support several users at once. It's also fully weatherproof, and can be used anywhere from RV camping sites to harsh marine locations.
5) Madpower RV Wi-Fi Extender - If you have a smaller RV with unreliable Wi-Fi, this device should help. Designed to eliminate dead spots while built to an incredibly compact design, it's a simple but effective solution to poor Wi-Fi issues.
6) ALFA AWUS1900 - This versatile device offers both long-range booster and local extender options to provide the best of both Wi-Fi worlds. It's easy to set up, not too costly, and very effective at what it does.
7) ALFA Camp Pro 2 - This is a complete kit designed especially for use in RVs, boats, camping sites, and all other outdoor locations. It makes it simple to capture weak signals and route them to all your devices at an impressively high speed.
8) King KF1000 Falcon - Lastly, this top-tier device will actively scan for remote hotspots and focus in on the one you select. There's no need to spend hours fiddling to get the right connection - it all happens almost automatically, with just a few button presses.
No one knows how long coronavirus will make home working an important part of life. But if you want to take your home office on the road, these Wi-Fi boosters and extenders will make your Ontario camping experience go more smoothly, whether it's for work or leisure.



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