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Dealership hours of operation
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Desmond Hearn - CROSSROADS Truck Training Academy

Crossroads truck training academy. A division of crossroads training academy ltd.

A little about CROSSROADS Barrie;

CROSSROADS Truck Training Academy originally opened in 2000 in Kingston, Ontario and quickly expanded to serve the Belleville, Ottawa, and Smith Falls. It began with the view that quality training and personal attention are critical to producing competent and confident commercial truck operators. It has kept that vision to the present. As a result of this focus on solid training and skill attainment, the company has held a lead position in commercial truck operator training for over 14 years.
In 2004 CROSSROADS Training Academy Barrie opened, and became a Private Career College under the Private Career College Act of 2005. It flourished under the leadership of owners Diane Austin and Read Conley and quickly became one Ontario's premier truck training facilities. In October 2013 Diane and Read sold CROSSROADS, (they retired), to Michael J. Preston.

A little about myself;

I have been in the trucking industry for over 34 years and have experience driving many different types of vehicles as well as hauling a wide range of various products. My driving record is just over 3 million collision-free miles, I have over 30 different certificates, safety awards, I am a certified in-cab & in-class instructor, certified adult trainer, and have "Z" Endorsement Signing Authority from the MTO. At my previous job I was a Safety Counselor at a large national transportation company with 300 drivers under my care. I was responsible for conducting roads tests, collision reviews, disciplinary actions, writing company policies, developing safety courses, ongoing driver training, etc. I would go for a drive every now and then just to stay sharp behind the wheel. Safety is number one with me at all times as I am a very defensive minded driver and work very hard to convey that message to any person that I may be training. My objective is to educate people on the hazards related to driving their vehicle every day, whatever vehicle that they may be in control of at the time. I strongly believe that the more training, mentoring, coaching that a person can receive, the better driver they become. One of the dangers seasoned drivers fall under is that they can become complacent with their driving and develop bad driving habits, that is another good reason for taking any driver improvement course that may come your way. Driving is a privilege not a right and should not be taken lightly!