The Hitch House has been selling and servicing RV's for over 50 years , approximately 25 years ago we decided to make motorhomes our main focus.  We have never looked back!  Now The Hitch House is regarded as one of the premier Motorhome Specialists in Canada and the United States carrying a full range of Class A (Diesel & Gas), Class B, Class C, Class B+ and Toy Hauler motorhomes.

We have over 100 new and used motorhomes plus 30 Class A Diesel Pushers, in stock, at any time. We cordially invite you to come and see our motorhome selection and facilities.

Typically these motorhomes resemble a bus; Class A's are entirely constructed on a specially designed motorhome chassis. These chassis' include Ford and Workhorse for gasoline powered motorhomes and Freightliner, Spartan, and Roadmaster for diesel powered coaches.

The majority of the Class A Diesel motorhomes have the engine positioned behind the rear axle in which case the motorhome is commonly referred to as a "Diesel Pusher"
.  If the diesel engine is positioned in the nose of the motorhome then it is referred to as a "Puller" .  The Class A Gas Motorhomes all have the engine positioned in the nose of the coach.

Class A motorhomes may have multiple slide-out sections that open up the living space. Options are virtually unlimited for Class A's.

Class A Diesel Motorhomes are generally more luxurious than Class A Gas coaches.  Some of the exciting options are powered window shades, hydronic hot water systems, exterior entertainment centres, etc.  Class A Gas Motorhomes are generally 28' to 37' in length.  Class A Diesels generally range in length from approximately 34' up to 44' 11".

Class A motorhomes that have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) that exceeds 11,000 kg require the driver to obtain a "D" licence
.  The vast majority of Class A Diesels have a GVWR greater than 11,000 kg and they are equipped with air brakes which will require the driver to obtain a "Z" endorsement.  Class A Gas Motorhomes are normally under 11,000 kgs and are equipped with hydraulic brakes and therefore do not require any special licencing, therefore a "G" licence  is all that is required.  For our customers, The Hitch House has relationships with several firms that provide the appropriate training in order for our motorhome owners to obtain the licencing they require. 

The Hitch House Class A Diesels Motorhomes include:


Thor Motor Coach
Newmar Corporation



Ventana LE
Dutch Star
New Aire

Mountain Aire
London Aire
King Aire

The Hitch House Class A Gas Motorhomes include:

Thor Motor CoachNewmar Corporation

Bay Star Sport
Bay Star
Canyon Star
Class B
The Class B is also commonly referred to as a Camper Van. These motorhomes are a marvel in space utilization. They have kitchens, washrooms with showers and sleep up to four people and all this is contained in a slightly stretched full-size van with the addition of a raised roof. Class Bs are easy to drive, fit in a normal parking space, are easy on fuel, and are often used as a second vehicle.

Pleasure-Way Class B vans are the very best Class B vans in the business in North America period and they are Canadian made - Saskatoon.  We chose Pleasure-Way because they are the best built the most trouble free and the management and staff look after their customers like no other in the Class B business.  All Pleasure-Way Class B motorhomes come with full body painted at no extra charge!  The best way to judge for yourself is to look at the competition very thoroughly and then come and look at a Pleasure-Way.

The Hitch House Class B Motorhomes include: Pleasure-Way  Plateau - Plateau XL - Lexor

Class C & B+

The Class C motorhome has a distinctive cab-over bunk that makes this motorhome easy to recognize. Built on a commercial cut-away van chassis Class C's have evolved tremendously over the years. With all the amenities of any motorhome, they are available in various lengths, many with slide-out rooms and packed with extras.  The Class C motorhome is also referred to as a mini motorhome.  There is also a variation of this particular motorhome that is commonly referred to as a Class B+ just to make things confusing.  The Class B+ is also constructed on the cut-away van chassis.  The distinguishing difference between and Class C and a B+ is that instead of a cab-over bunk this area is smaller and accommodates an entertainment centre.

Our Class C and B+ Mini Motorhomes include:

Thor Motor CoachPleasure-Way
Chateau Class C
Magnitude Super C (Diesel Powered)
Chateau Sprinter (Diesel Powered)

Citation Sprinter B+ (Diesel Powered)

Plateau XLTD
Plateau XLMB
Plateau XLTS

Toy Hauler
The Toy Hauler or also known as the Sport Utility RV was originally built by manufacturers of travel trailers and 5th Wheels.  The motorhome manufacturers realized that there was an opportunity for them.  It wasn't long and the motorhome manufacturers were making Class A's and Class C's that accommodated a garage.  Now the motorhome enthusiast is able to take his favourite toy along on his vacation.  The garage on these motorhomes can accommodate motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, jet skis, and even a snowmobile.

At The Hitch House we carry the Outlaw by Thor Motor Coach.  Toy Haulers have traditionally been manufactured on travel trailer and 5th Wheel platforms.  Thor Motor Coach broke that mold with the motorized Outlaw in Class A and C models.  A Toy Hauler has a history of sacrificing living space to make room for the garage full of toys, however the Outlaw Class A version has a unique design that has not be successfully duplicated.  With the success of the Outlaw Class A Thor Motor Coach launched a Class C version of the Outlaw.  If you are an avid motorhome enthusiast or you are aspiring to be one and you just don't want to leave that favourite toy behind, come in and have a look at the variety of Outlaw motorhomes offered by Thor Motor Coach at The Hitch House.