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The Hitch House utilizes the most sophisticated and integrated color management system available in the industry. BASF has worked co-operatively with The Hitch House to provide its advanced technology in order to be the #1 paint supplier for our body shop. The purpose of the BASF SmartToolsTM system is to maximize paint match accuracy and minimize a body shop technician's time matching and mixing colors.

The Paint Selection Process:

Scan the Coach

SmartSCAN reads the light wavelengths of the color on the coach, then finds the color formula in the SmartTRAK® 2 database that has the same wavelengths. SmartSCAN thereby provides an exact formula to match the color actually on your coach.

Find formula
Using the color formula provided by SmartSCAN, we access the COLOR-MAX® 2 system to obtain the appropriate paint chip. Once the paint chip has been selected it is then matched to the coach. Occasionally motorhome manufacturers use pearls in their paints to give the coaches a unique and vibrant appearance. These pearls are difficult for the spectrophotometer to pick up. Because of the flexibility of this system we can still make a color match.

The Hitch House Paint Mixing Room
Custom Color Match
In the event that match can not be found in the 7,500 paint chip selection provided by the COLOR-MAX® 2 then we can create our own formulas using this system. Taking the closest color chips we can create an entirely new formula and mix the paint in our specialized mixing room.

Test Colour

Once the new paint has been mixed we utilized spray cards provided by R-M Diamont. These spray cards are clear vinyl test samples that actual paint is sprayed directly on. The vinyl is removed once the paint dries leaving behind a clear coat finish. This newly created color sample is then compared to the paint on the coach. Should the color still not match then the formula is adjusted and testing is repeated in order to ensure an exact match.


Record in SmartTRAK® 2

Once the specific color formula has been obtained for your coach it is then inputted into SmartTRAK® 2 in order to maintain an electronic record of your paint colors. Therefore should there ever be a need to do more body and paint work to your coach you will be assured of an accurate paint match.

COLOR-MAX® 2: Is the industry's leading BASF chip deck cabinet system. It includes over 7,500 chips, sprayed with actual refinish paint NOT printed with colored ink. The COLOR-MAX® 2 provides an instant visual match and reference to the formula that will precisely match the color on your coach.

SmartTRAK® 2 is a web-enabled Windows® based software color management system. One of the unique features of this system is that it allows our body shop to maintain an accurate electronic record of the colors that were used to repaint your coach. Therefore, should you require additional bodywork due to unforeseen circumstances our body shop personnel can easily reference the paint codes that were previously used on your motorhome. This system ensures accuracy with all your future color matches so your coach will look its best.


SmartSCAN® 2 is the industry's most advanced spectrophotometer. This unique spectrophotometer can scan a painted surface and instantly give you a formula to match that color. The power and precision of SmartSCAN comes from its unique four-angle measuring capabilities. Even metallics are quickly and easily matched. Most paint fades over time, so only using the OEM color code may provide a color that doesn't quite match.