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Dealership hours of operation
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Pleasure-Way History

As a dealer the one thing that bothered Mr. Rumple was the quality of the products that he received from the RV manufacturers. The products were never quite up to Mr. Rumple's standards and he found that he was constantly doing repairs and improvements to the RV's as soon as his dealership received the product. Mr. Rumple vowed that his manufacturing company would be different.

Consequently, today Pleasure-Way builds the very best Class B Motorhomes the industry has to offer. Don't take our word for it. Check this out! In 2010 and 2011 Pleasure-Way has received the Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association Quality Circle Award. Not to mention, Pleasure-Way was rated the Number One motorized manufacturer in North America and the only Class B manufacturer to receive the award for those years. Pleasure-Way was rated on Vehicle Design, Vehicle Reliability/Quality, Competitive Price/Value, Parts Support and Dealership Warranty Support. That is quite an accomplishment. It appears that Mr. Rumple's original vow still holds true and it is part of Pleasure-Way's culture - 25 years later!

In 2003 The Hitch House also had an inventory problem. The Class B manufacturer that we were carrying was beginning to have quality and service issues. It was getting more and more difficult to get customer's warranty problems approved by the manufacturer. Then the Class B motorhomes that the manufacturer was sending to us were coming with more and more deficiencies. The final frustration was when the manufacturer implemented, without notice to the dealers or customers, that all warranty claims would be subject to a deductible. We expressed our disappointment with the management of the manufacturer and put them on notice that we expected improvements. However the improvements did not come.

Rob Littlejohn the Eastern Canadian Sales Representative for Pleasure-Way Industries came to visit Dave McKee and he found that Dave was willing to listen to his suggestions. We proceeded carefully. It is not wise for any dealer to jump from one manufacturer to another. It does not benefit your customers, and good manufacturers want long term dealers. We wanted to ensure that we would be carrying quality products from a quality manufacturer. We too wanted to build a long term relationship with a manufacturer that would benefit our customers and The Hitch House. After some discussion and a visit to Pleasure-Way's manufacturing facilities Dave was convinced that Pleasure-Ways were the right move for us - The Hitch House became a Pleasure-Way dealer. In 2004 The Hitch House received Pleasure-Way's sales award for being one of the top 5 dealers in Canada. So now over 8 years later we can say that we have never regretted our decision - not once!