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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
1490 Highway 11 S, Oro-Medonte, ON, L0L2L0

Service Tour

Ontario Motor Vehicle Inspection Station...

It is not common for an RV dealer to be a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. That is exactly why The Hitch House chose to meet the requirements to become a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. The Hitch House has always considered service to be a critical requirement to a dealership's success. We met and continue to exceed the Ministry's requirements.


Under the Act, a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station must have the facilities and space both inside and outside, plus there is a considerable investment in tools and equipment that is required by the Ministry. Furthermore, and this is essential the dealership must employee licenced motor vehicle mechanics and they too must be registered with the station under the Ministry of Transportation.


The Hitch House is licensed by the Ministry of Transportation to inspect and certify motorhomes in accordance with the inspection requirements and performance standards set out in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. An RV dealership that sells motorhomes that is not an Ontario Motor Vehicle Inspection Station can not perform safety inspections on any motorhomes and therefore must sub-contact this work to licenced Inspection Station. We do not need to rely on some other garage. At The Hitch House Motorhome Specialists we have the authority to inspect and certify the motorhome you purchase from us.

Ontario Motor Vehicle Inspection Station


17 Mechanical Bays...

With 17 Mechanical Bays our service centre is well equipped to handle all types of mechanical and appliance repairs. We have invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to allow our mechanics to properly troubleshoot your motorhome's mechanical problems.

17 Mechanical Bays at our service centre in Barrie



Motorhome Hoist...

In order to serve our customers better we acquired a brand new KAR 250 hoist. The KAR 250 is a Heavy Duty 55,000 lbs. Electro-hydraulic Pantograph Hoist manufactured by O.M.E.R., a world leader in vehicle lift manufacturing. Bring your motorhome in - we can lift it! Contact our Service Department to book a complete 12 point Chassis Under-Carriage Inspection of your motorhome.

Motorhome Hoist at the Hitch House

3 Pit Bays...

In 2004, we made a significant investment to our separate Service Facility expanding it to its current 10,000 sq. ft. We obtained environmental and building approval to add two Service Pits. We found that these Service Pits provided more flexibility to our service bay usage thereby improving our efficiency. After our main facility was decimated by a fire on November 27th, 2012. Immediately, we went to work designing a bigger, better more efficient facility. Our new main facility includes (6) 50' Service Bays INCLUDING a 42' Service Pit.

                            Addition of a new Pitbay at the Service Facility at the Hitch HouseNew Pitbay at Service Facility on Hitch House



Express Oil & Lubrication...


We have allocated one pit bay to specifically handle oil and lubrication procedures. In order to deliver express oil, lube and filter services to our customers we purchased bulk oil and lubrication equipment. All the waste oil is pumped to an external holding tank for environmental disposal.

                                        Express Oil & Lubrication Facility for MotorhomesMotorhome Service Center Facility at the North of Barrie, Ontario

Service Reception...

In our service reception area we offer hot coffee, satellite TV, Wi-Fi Internet access, or just sit back and read a book all while your motorhome is taken care of by experienced service staff.

Newly furnished reception of the Hitch House RV Service Center Reception at the Hitch House RV Service Center

Delivery Centre...

Our 3,000 sq. ft. Delivery Centre was originally built and completed in late April 2013 to accommodate our Detail Service Team. After the fire in 2012, our 10,000 sq. ft. Service Centre survived and was optimized to handle our Service work. The fire in our main building destroyed the service bays that were dedicated to cleaning and detailing plus 3 mechanical bays. In order to help us manage the volume of business during our busy season and until our new main facility was complete, we needed more space. We quickly added a 3,000 sq. ft. building to accommodate our Detail Team and it is now our dedicated Delivery Centre. All our customers are provided comprehensive training on their new motorhome. This training now takes place in a dedicated facility.


RV and Motorhome Delivery Centre in the North of Barrie


Courtesy Vehicles...

At the Hitch House we try to make your service experience a pleasurable one. You are welcome to wait in our customer lounge, visit our Accessory Store and Motorhome Showroom or if you like to visit the local attractions you may borrow one of our customer courtesy vehicles. Upon your arrival at our service counter, please ask our Service Advisors for details.


Our Service Policy...

At The Hitch House, we feel a very strong obligation to the people who put their faith in us and purchased their motorhome from us. Many years ago we developed, Our Service Policy, and it is simply that we put our customers first.

We Service ALL Customers
Our Customer Priority is...
1. President Club Members (Hitch House coach owners) are our first priority
2. Transient, Stranded and RV Care Owners
3. All others.

Please understand that our primary obligation is to our President Club members who are entitled to first in line service.