Winegard - Satellite Systems

TRAV'LER Satellite Dish

Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna. View all satellites at the same time.

The Power of Multi-Satellite Viewing - Never miss your favorite show again! Watch any program on any TV in the RV.

The Best of the Best - Made with approved and certified reflectors to provide the strongest signal strength.

The Power of Multi-Satellite Viewing - View all satellites at the same time for maximum programming. Never miss your favorite show again! Watch any program, on any TV in the RV, at the same time!

Family friendly - watch different programs on a variety of TVs at the same time.

CARRYOUT ANSER Hybrid Automatic Portable Satellite

The single satellite solution antenna, the Anser is your answer to satellite TV.

Unique Single Satellite Solution - A larger reflector means no more toggling; most of your programming is on one satellite! (DISH 72° and DIRECTV 101°)

Simple Set-Up, Simpler Operation - Just set the elevation and the Anser automatically finds the satellite!

Multiple Receivers, Multiple TVs, Enjoy different programs on separate TVs at the same time!

CARRYOUT G2 Automatic Portable Satellite

Versatility & Flexibility - The next generation of portable satellite TV antennas, offering live TV viewing for the on-the-go lifestyle! This compact, fully automatic satellite antenna is the smallest of its kind on the market and perfect for RVing, camping, tailgating and more! Also features an optional roof mount!

Versatile - The Carryout G2 receives DISH, DIRECTV, and Bell TV programming for the ultimate in provider versatility. Equipped with two coax ports, the G2 supports two receivers so you can watch different programming from the same satellite on 2 TVs at once.

Fastest Portable - The Carryout G2 is 100% automatic and is Winegard's fastest acquiring Carryout portable satellite system!