Cross-Draft Climate Controlled Paint Booth...

We are one of the few RV dealerships that have a state-of-the-art 60ft. Cross-Draft Climate Controlled Paint Booth that enables us to offer you on-site paint work for Motorhomes. Anything from small repairs to a full body paint job can be handled professionally here at The Hitch House.

Frame Adjustment Bay...

In our 60ft Body Shop Frame Adjustment Bay we have all the equipment needed to precisely correct your motorhome or trailer's frame.

Preparation Bay...

Our 60ft Motorhome Body Shop Preparation Bay provides our staff with the facility to perform all sorts of fiberglass repairs as well as an area to mask and tape a motorhome or trailer prior to painting. Thus saving time and allowing us to do the job properly.

Our Service Policy

At The Hitch House, we feel a very strong obligation to the people who put their faith in us and purchased their motorhome from us. Many years ago we developed, Our Service Policy, and it is simply that we put our customers first.

We Service ALL Customers
Our Customer Priority is...
1. President Club Members (Hitch House coach owners) are our first priority
2. Transient and Stranded Owners
3. All others.

Please understand that our primary obligation is to our President Club members who are entitled to first in line service.